"I'm living proof that no matter how far you've fallen, or even if you never had a good start to begin with, your new life is waiting for you if you just keep moving forward. I'm here to help guide you."


-Adam Smith, NASM-CPT

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better

Between work, kids, and other commitments, keeping fit is a challenge. It’s not easy finding time as life steamrolls forward. That doesn't mean you have to give up on yourself. You simply need to change your perceptions about health and fitness.


The simple truth is that if you don’t make time for fitness you will reduce your quality of life by increasing visits to the doctor, chronic pain/illness, and the chance of obesity. The good news is that basic fitness can be simple and won’t require large chunks of time. As difficult as it is to believe, simple, basic fitness and a busy lifestyle go hand in hand. Your life provides numerous opportunities to include exercise. I will help you create a strategy to find those opportunities.


Developing a fitness strategy can sometimes seem overwhelming. Some don’t know what their goals should be, while others feel embarrassed that they’ve gone so long without exercise. My job is simple. I will help you understand what your goals should be and develop a plan to ensure success.


Call me today to discuss weight-loss, strength training, and cardio-kickboxing. Your program will be specifically tailored to your capabilities and needs. It truly is simple, basic fitness.

Simple Basic Fitness

Adam Smith, NASM-CPT



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